Life in The Sierra

Life in The Sierra


We have been living in our RV full time for 6 months now. I thought leaving my 4 bedroom 3 bathroom house in New Mexico to travel with my husband was the craziest thing I would ever do. Never thought we would be living full time in an RV! Honestly though, I am happy in it. We have been traveling for 2 years and before we got the Sierra we would have to pack and unpack constantly, no fun! Now, we just pack up our home and head out! It’s so nice to have a space that is home wherever we go!

We made it through summer like a breeze and we are half way through our first winter and I have to say I’m impressed. Although, winter in Utah this year has been pretty mild, we have had some cold nights and snowy days. I am so glad we opted for the large bunkhouse for the kids! Believe it or not, we are comfortable. We have plenty of room, except Juliet. She is my 11 year old hoarder of sentimental objects and collector of everything you could possibly collect. She is having some adjustment issues, but she will figure it out lol.

If you have ever considered spending some time traveling in an RV, I definitely recommend you do it at some point in your life. Although I do miss my house, I have learned that my home is wherever my crazy family is, and now we have a place to take with us!



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