Mascara Goals

Mascara Goals

My lashes are nothing spectacular, they are average I’d say. I’m happy with them, but finding mascara that worked for me has always been kind of a pain. After I had my sons my eyes became super sensitive and I had to change my whole eye makeup routine! I couldn’t wear certain mascaras because they would make my eyes water uncontrollably and other mascaras I tried smudged like crazy!

I tried a few different mascaras and it was always the same. Luckily I subscribed to Ipsy and had sample mascaras to try! It was always the same. Smudged or watery eyes. I was losing hope. Then, believe it or not, I found one I love! I probably would never have tried it had my mom not purchased it for me, thanks mom!

The mascara I found that doesn’t irritate my eyes, doesn’t smudge, and on top of that gives me full, long lashes is,  Almay One Coat Thickening Mascara. I definetly recommend this mascara if you are having any issues like I was. Even if you’re not, it’s still better than many of the other mascaras I tried at lengthening and making my lashes look full and stay curled!

What are some of your favorite mascaras?


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