DIY RV Vanity Corner

DIY RV Vanity Corner

So lately I have been obsessed with redecorating my fifth wheel. I took the advice of a fellow blogger,, and joined an RV Decorating group on Facebook. People are so creative and share amazing ideas! We just purchased our RV last summer so it is still brand new. I haven’t really done too much as far as decorating goes. The decor is brown and blah. I guess brown is a very common color in the RV world because I keep hearing and seeing posts about getting rid of the brown. My entire RV is a different shade of brown, but all I really want to do is lighten the mood in here.

One of the first things I have had to add is a place for me to do my make up. I was using the bathroom but it was not quite working out. I moved to my bedroom closet door, it has a mirror, but it was so dark in there. Even with all the window shades up and the lights on it was just too dark. My husband ordered some lighting to put on the mirror but we decided to get a new mirror and put it up rather than messing with the closet doors. I love it! It looks great and I get to sit on my bed and be comfortable so that works out. I also ordered the cutest little white Command shelves. Command makes some really cool things! I love the shelves, they’re a little small but they look cute in my corner and complete my vanity area nicely.

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I bought the mirror at Walmart and ordered the lights and shelves from Amazon. Here are the links for the shelves and lights.  The shelves come in another size and color.

Command Shelves

Led Vanity Lights




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