Kanye and His Message For America

Kanye and His Message For America

sunset-flag-america-fields.jpgMy opinion, for what its worth.

So everyone is making a big deal about this whole Kanye supporting Trump drama that has unfolded on Twitter the past couple of days. I have to admit that even I have found it quite amusing and maybe even a little exciting! Why? Because it is not about Kanye and its almost not even about Trump. Its about us, as Americans, being able to have our own views, thoughts, and opinions and respecting people and their different views, thoughts and opinions.

We live in a world where it’s not ok to be different. The left has made it clear over and over that anyone who thinks differently than they do is the enemy. They are quick to mob on people who show the slightest deviation from their views and have forced people to retract and apologize for having a thought that offended the mob. They proved it more recently with Shania, and then with Kanye and Chance. This is not ok.  We have to change this whole mentality of, you are the enemy because you don’t think like me and I will bully you until you do. You will get nowhere that way.

I also do not believe that it is as simple as saying Kanye supports Trump so he is a conservative. There are a lot of in betweens in this world we currently live in.  We need open dialog, we need to listen and we need to understand that people view things differently. It’s ok, We can still be friends. We can work together for the good of everyone. I know that despite the chasm between the left and right we can come together.

What is exciting about Kanye’s tweets is his view on freedom of thought. Kanye did not say he agrees with Trump and everything he does, all he said is he loves him. His whole message is love. We live in a world divided. If we want to close the gap, we must put away our differences in opinion and love each other. There has to be more than this insanity we are living everyday. Choose to love!


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