Kid Approved Summer Destinations In Oklahoma

Kid Approved Summer Destinations In Oklahoma

swim in the Blue Hole

So this is a little out of left field because it has been about a year since we were in Oklahoma, but since summer is upon us and I did spend a good amount of time there, I have compiled a list of things my kiddos loved doing. So if you are in the great state of Oklahoma and don’t know what you are going to do with the kids this summer, I hope this comes in handy!

  1. My kids love a water park! One that we have frequented is, The Water Zoo. It is located in Clinton, Oklahoma. The Water Zoo is an indoor waterpark. They have a large wave pool attached to a lazy river. They also have tons of splash pads and three 4 story water slides. One great thing about this place is that there is a Holiday Inn Express and Suites right next door and you can purchase Water Zoo tickets with your stay. Another plus, they serve free breakfast!
  2. Another great place my kids love to visit is the Aquarium. My boys love seeing all the bright colored fish swimming around. The Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks is one of the nicer ones we have visited.  They have over 100 exhibits and many of them are interactive. What kid doesn’t love touching the sting rays, or feeding the turtles?
  3. Once you have visited the aquarium, you have got to go check out a zoo! My kids really enjoyed going to the Tulsa Zoo. One of my favorite things about this zoo is how they have designed the exhibits to give a very natural atmosphere. I love how they flow almost into each other. They have a lot to do, so plan to spend the day when you visit!
  4. The Blue Hole in Salina Oklahoma is a hidden gem. The sparkling cool swimming hole is great for swimming, camping, or picnicking. It is a short drive down a beautiful country road and surrounded by picturesque wilderness. The water stays cool in the heat of the summer and it’s a great place to let the kids cool off!
  5. This next place is actually just outside Oklahoma the neighboring state of Arkansas, but it’s an awesome place that is worth mentioning. Just a short drive into the Ozarks you will find a quaint little place called, Siloam Springs. They have a kayak park that is so much fun! The park is situated along the Illinois River and has been engineered for kayakers. Canoes and tubes are also great for enjoying this park. The setting is picturesque and a definite must see.

These are just a few of the things we liked to do in Oklahoma. It’s a great place to be outdoors if you can stand the heat and the humidity. What are some of your favorite places to visit in the summer?


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