Guys, I Have A Problem

Guys, I Have A Problem

I have neglected my blog. I am sorry I haven’t shown up for my readers, even if it is small group or maybe just my momma. I realize that I have a problem with sharing my self. I am very private and I do not open up to anyone so why on earth I thought I should start a blog where I share the inner workings of my life is beyond me.

I do want to get better at this sharing business. I guess one of the main problems I encountered in my blog was the fact that I was holding back so much of myself so I felt like it was inauthentic. I thought I could share the highlights and gloss over anything I wasn’t too comfortable sharing, but then when it came down to it, I didn’t feel comfortable sharing anything. I read through a few of the drafts that I wrote and never posted and I thought to myself, why on earth did I not post these? What a waste.

So much has happened since I stopped writing, we have moved to two different states. We have literally crossed America twice. We have been to do things and see things that I could have shared about.  I have decided to try again. I will be more open and even though I feel so vulnerable doing so, I will share who I am. Thanks for sticking around and I look forward to sharing my journey with you all, or at least with you mom!

I’m curious, Has anyone taken their enneagram test? If you know anything about the enneagram you could probably guess mine now lol.