A Book Worth Hearing

A Book Worth Hearing

One of the goals I decided to really pursue this year was to read more. I ended last year with four books. I know, I know, that is not a large number. In my defense, I have two little dudes who do not give me much time for my own reading choices and a pre-teen who loves to chat for hours on end about what is going on in her current favorite anime. One thing I have found that helped me this year was Audible. I like that I can listen to books while I drive to the gym since it is a half-hour away, I live in the boondocks remember? It works out for me and I am able to finish books.

I have found that some books are better read aloud to me. The audible book Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis has been one of my favorite books to listen to. First of all, this book is pure fire and I think every woman should read it.  I know some men that would benefit from reading this book. Rachel does an amazing job at reading it. She is able to really drive her points home. I mean, they are her words and there is just something about the message being delivered by the author that was super motivating. Especially when the author is a fire cracker with enormous personality. Rachel’s personality comes to life in her reading and this is a book you should definitely listen to!

I am so glad I choose to listen to Girl, Stop Apologizing. Not all audiobooks are good for listening, maybe I just need the energy and life Rachel brings to the table to keep me engaged and listening. I have recommended this book to friends and you can bet I will be listening to it again!

Have you read it? What’s your take on audiobooks and do you have any recommendations?





2 thoughts on “A Book Worth Hearing

  1. Hello! Happy November! I used to read a lot of books myself long ago. Loved the Harlequin ! Never really thought of listening to a book, that would be nice. Read my Bible and when I can listen to it, you hear parts you missed reading. I recommend listening to the Bible on Audio. So maybe hearing a book would make it like you have some one with you. I like that Idea! Thanks for sharing , I would love to listen to the Book you mentioned. Just have to make time to drive and go someplace or schedule a Audio date! Lol


    1. Yes, I totally recommend listening to audiobooks, as long as the reader is interesting to listen to, as Rachel is! I too love to listen to the bible on audio. It helps when you can’t sit and read but still want to get the info!


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