Birthday Thoughts

Birthday Thoughts

So…this is 36.

I was chatting with my daughter the other night, as we often do when she can’t sleep. She likes to ask me off the wall questions to drag out her bed time and she knows mom will go off on a tangent if she can hit the right button. She asked me the life expectancy of our dog, William. He will be 4 this May so I told her we have at least another 10 years with him, God willing. I mentioned she will be in her early 20s around that time. She scoffed and said, in her most convincing tone, that she was going to stop aging at 16 and just be that age forever. She then explained the reason she choose 16 is so that she will be old enough to drive herself around. I laughed. If only it were that easy.

Today, I am turning 36. I can clearly remember at 16 thinking I would be that age forever, just like my daughter is now. Life was fun, exciting, and super scary. Time moves differently in your teen years, you think you will be young forever. At least I did, I mean, don’t we all? Years roll by faster and faster with every birthday and before you know it your sitting in a rocking chair on your front porch with a grand baby on your lap wondering where in the heck life went! OK, well I am not there yet, but someday, lol.

I have learned enough in my short time on this earth to know how important it is to cherish each moment, make time for my husband, soak in my kid’s love, and be present daily in my life. The days go by so quickly and my babies are growing so fast. I will never get these moments back so I will marinate in each one as long as possible. I look forward to this new year in my life knowing that the harvest I am sowing now will be bountiful in the years to come. I have joy in knowing what I have to look forward to in my life and who I will get to spend eternity with in the life to come.

Happy Birthday To Me!


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