Thoughts on the Enneagram

Thoughts on the Enneagram

Just A Craze Or Something More?

I am sure you have heard of the Enneagram by now. It’s been a trendy topic for a few years now. People have social media accounts and whole careers based on the Enneagram. So in case you have missed the craze, the Enneagram is a type of personality test.

The Enneagram starts with nine basic types, and each type has wings and subtypes. What is different about the Enneagram from other personality tests is that you find out your type and learn why you are like that type and how to recognize growth and disintegration. It’s almost like cracking the code of who you are and then learning to work the code to make you be the best version of yourself. The Enneagram can also help you better understand the people in your life.

Now taking the test is a very personal journey. Some people take it and hit it right on the nail, while others, like me, have to sit and feel it out and see where they feel home. It can be a journey to find your type because it depends on how well you can self-assess and reflect. When I first took the test, I got enneagram 6, the loyalist. I accepted it for a while, and it was so close to who I was, but some things didn’t feel right. I thought I was a 4 for a time, but that didn’t quite fit either. It took me about three years to realize I was a 5, which is an investigator. The funny thing is that I didn’t even think I was smart enough to be a 5. But now I have found my home. I am a 5 with a six-wing, which explains why 6 and 4 felt familiar.

There is a lot more to it, too much to go into right now. However, I have been studying it for a few years on my own, and I have to say it has helped bring clarity and understanding to my close relationships.

Have you taken the Enneagram test?

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