What I Learned Reading Matthew

What I Learned Reading Matthew

Yeshua’s Love Changes My Perspective

I mentioned I spent the last year in a deep dive into the book of Matthew. It was a very an emotional experience for me. I have been thinking a lot about it for weeks since. Just sitting with it and letting it all sink in.

This time around, one thing that stood out to me was Jesus’ love and patience. Time after time, the disciples can’t seem to comprehend what he is saying to them. I always read Jesus’ comments in my voice, my impatient, condescending, annoyed, and cynical voice. This time I read it differently. He wasn’t any of those things.

I guess sort of like when you read text messages and the context gets lost, you read them in your perspective and tone. Jesus is loving and gentle. His genuine tenderness stood out to me. I experienced a difference: I felt his love for his disciples, for me, rather than just knowing he loves me. As a result, I am more aware of his love for me, and I can experience his perfect peace.

I have been pondering how this understanding would change how I think or live. I certainly know Yeshua on a deeper level now. I trust him deeper, so I feel a more profound devotion to him. It is a whole new way of feeling treasured. I think carrying this love with me has significantly impacted my day-to-day life. I want to be more like him, and I believe that being able to notice the change of tone and feel when I read his words shows that my heart is changing.

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