Welcome to my little piece of real estate on the web. I am Shi! I am from a little place called Nuevo Mexico, which is definitely a part of the United States of America, in case you were wondering. I am the wife of a traveling electrician and a mom to two teen girls, two much younger, more rambunctious boys, and a mini poodle named William.

We have been on the road for almost seven years and were full-time RV’rs for four years. I homeschool our two youngest children and write this blog to document our travels and share my thoughts. I write about things I love and places I visit, so if you are into Jesus, makeup, food, travel, and family fun, you are in the right place!

Life is certainly interesting on the road with these crazy people, but we have a good time and make great memories! I hope you enjoy what you read, and be sure to comment! I love feedback!

Happy Travels,