Welcome William

Welcome William

WilliamMiniPoodle.jpgSo we got a new addition to our little familia this year, his name is William and he is a miniature poodle. I am not a dog person. I am selfish and I have my hands full with my kids as it is. So what better way to throw a wrench in what little sanity I had then by getting an 8 month old puppy!

William is actually a very good puppy, thank The Lord! He is potty trained and knows how to sit on command, thanks to my mom! He is good with the kids and he fits right in! He even spins like a Gerardo! If you know me personally you know that my husband dances and he, and all of my kids, love to spin. I don’t know, I don’t ask lol.

Anyway, we are excited to have him although we feel a little under qualified. I figure if I can manage to raise three/four children we can figure out how to raise a dog! Just another crazy boy added to our little crew living in our RV.