Routine Brings Balance

Routine Brings Balance

“Your Future is Found In Daily Routine” – Paula White

In my last post, I wrote a little about my struggle with emotional detachment. I also wrote about some things I am doing to help me reconnect with my emotions. One thing that is helping me out is having a morning routine. I see many quotes about how a routine is not useful for the soul, but it is excellent for mine. I wanted to take a little bit of time and tell you more about my routine.

The first thing that is like clockwork for the hubby and me is gym time. I go to the gym three days a week, super early in the morning. I love going to the gym early in the morning, it helps me get a great start on my day, and there is no one there! It is incredible not to have to wait for machines or have tons of interruptions with people trying to talk with us. Since this is how I am beginning my day, I want to launch on the right foot. I enjoy starting my day with good teaching or preaching! I have been listening to Todd Cook from Sagebrush Church or Skip Heitzig from Calvary Chapel’s podcasts. Both churches are out of Albuquerque, NM. All my time on the road and these two hometown pastors are still my number ones!

When I get home, I have a little time to myself before the kiddos get up. The next thing I do is yoga. I have just been doing 10 to 15-minute yoga stretches every day. I do these on non-gym days too. My favorite morning yogi to follow along with has been Yoga with Kassandra on YouTube. She does a lot of short morning stretches, and they are easy to follow. Yoga has helped me to feel more connected to myself and more connected with my Lord. I think stretching our bodies and setting a positive mindset for the day is a great way to focus our minds in the morning. 

After I have worked out my muscles and stretched out my body, I like to meditate. I was using Abide to listen to a 10 to 15-minute Christian mediation, but since school has started, I am a little short on time, so I have switched to doing the daily devotional on my YouVersion bible app. They do a morning and evening devotional that has about eight slides, and it is a great way to center your mind on God’s word.

Since school has started, I haven’t had much time for the last part of my morning routine, reading. My oldest is in high school now. I haven’t mentioned it, but my daughter is no longer homeschooling. She is going to school! I am a fish out of water, and I was a mess. But you better believe I prayed about it. I asked Jesus to watch over my baby, and do you know what he said to me? He said, “that is my baby.” I was humbled. I praised Him. She is His, I trust Him with our baby. Anyways, since school has started, I haven’t been able to find time for reading, but I miss it so much. I love to read. Reading is my guilty pleasure, something for me to enjoy. Now I will have to make time somewhere else in my schedule. Starting my day by working on my physical and spiritual health has been such a tremendous help. Especially in the weird emotionless period, I have been navigating.

These are all my favorite things to do in the morning. Do you have a morning routine? What advice can you give about finding time to read?

World Meditation Day

World Meditation Day

Breath in, breath out, be at peace.

Today is World Meditation Day. So I want to share a little of how meditation fits into my family’s chaotic day. We are a large family in a tiny space- it can be loud and messy, and we travel often. One thing that we have been able to keep as a constant in our crazy lives is nightly meditation.

I have made meditation a part of the kid’s nightly routine, and they love it. I used to think mediation was just something that worldly spiritual people did, not that I have anything against that. I just never was that spiritual, and I felt silly sitting and saying mantras trying to zone out. I had no idea what meditation was. I only heard of mediation from shows or cartoons where they mocked it. When I found out that there were Christian meditations, I was very intrigued and excited to check them out.

At the time, I was having some trouble with my boys. I couldn’t get them to bed at a decent hour, and they would both get night terrors all the time. I struggled with night terrors as a child, my daughter had them when she was young, and now both my boys were going through them. I was one tired momma who was desperate to find help to resolve this issue. You might think that the night terrors are just nightmares, and the kids wake up and go back to bed, but that is not what this was. Caleb would scream, hit, kick, punch, and roll around like crazy. I couldn’t wake him up, but I could talk him down by entering into his terror. Now, Jon was another story. He would kick, punch, and scream, but he wouldn’t wake up, and he wouldn’t let me communicate with him. I would have just to let him work it out because anything I tried made it worse. So you can see that I was mentally, emotionally, and physically drained. I found the Abide meditation app on my phone, and since I was trying to get my boys on a nightly routine, I thought it would be a good idea to try it out.

I am so glad I gave this app a try. The boys loved it. The boys call it “listening to the man.” We have been listing to our nightly meditations every night for over two years. My boys go to sleep, listening to waves rolling up on to the beach and a soothing voice, reading God’s words, and praying over them. I can honestly tell you that the night terrors do not happen like they used to. Once in a great while, one of them will have an issue. Usually, if they are super tired from a long day out, but they are nothing like the terrors they used to have. My husband was skeptical at first, but even he has experienced how much meditation helps. We use it when we travel, no matter where we are. We all love it! We do our meditation lying in bed, taking in deep breaths, and listening to the soothing voice and sounds. I have tried to incorporate mediation into other parts of our day, but we all like to wind down at night.

There are many different meditation apps out there; we use the Abide app as I mentioned before. There are various subscription plans available with the app. I am not getting paid to, but the app has worked so well for us, I recommend it to anyone interested in Christian meditation. They have daily mediations and a journaling option as well as nightly meditations and prayers. Meditation has done wonders for us if you haven’t tried mediation yet, what better day to start than World Meditation Day!

My Current Daily Skincare Routine

My Current Daily Skincare Routine

The Products I Love.

Skincare is so important. It is something that I have always had in the back of my mind but never really focused too much attention on it. I have always used face wash, toner, and moisturizer. I tried to always remember to use sunblock if it was convenient. I am so glad that I did at least that. Now that I am a little older, I do feel I am more in tune with what my skin needs and I go the extra mile to keep my skin soft, plump and looking young.

I feel like the skincare industry has blown up. Everyone is making claims about fountain of youth products and since we all are a lot more health-conscious we are looking for products that are all-natural, paraben-free and not tested on animals. It’s not hard to find products that fit our needs but how in the heck do you choose with so many options?

I try to keep skincare at a forefront in my daily routine. The first thing I do is I take collagen every day. It is something easy I can do to feed my skin and it has so many other benefits as well. The collagen I take is Vital Proteins. I read somewhere that this is the one Jennifer Aniston uses and I figured if it is good enough for Jen, I will give it a go. I put it in my coffee every day and since it is unflavored and dissolves quickly I hardly notice it. I don’t know if Jen Aniston really uses this one, but I love it! I also stopped wearing makeup so much. I am home now so that is easy. Since I take way better care of my skin, I am a lot more comfortable bare faced than I ever was and it feels a million times better getting complimented on my skin than my makeup ever did! I wash my face every day, still use toner, and I use serums under my moisturizer. The face wash system I currently use is Jordan Essentials’ basic system. It’s a foaming face wash, a toner mist, and a red wine moisturizer. I really feel like it cleans my face so well, even when I wear makeup. The moisturizer is thick but it soaks into my skin and doesn’t feel heavy or greasy. It is infused with resveratrol, shea butter, and vitamin e. It has been a game-changer for me, especially in the colder, dryer places we have been lately.

I have been using Glossier Super Bounce and Super Glow serums together daily under my moisturizer. The Super Bounce has hyaluronic acid and b5 serum to ease and soften tight rough skin. The Super Glow has vitamin c and magnesium serum to brighten and energize dull tired skin. I use them together to help even out my skin tone. I have freckles and some larger spots in my complexion which is why I never felt comfortable bare-faced but these two serums have helped so much. Now, they don’t promise to help reduce discoloration but I heard a lot about them and read a lot of reviews that claimed this, so I tried them out. I’m not completely spotless, but the difference is huge to me.

I also use a night cream most of the time, the Jordan Essentials moisturizer I mentioned above is thick and creamy enough to use as a night cream but I switch it up sometimes with Derma-E Vitamin C Intense Night Cream. This cream is infused with probiotics and rooibos. I like the scent and I love how it makes my skin feel completely moisturized and supple.

These are the products I use in my daily skincare routine. There are a lot of products with huge claims but keep in mind that you are human and you are beautiful. Take care of your skin and embrace the aging process because you can do everything right by your skin and you’re still going to age. Look for products that are natural and make your skin feel good. Learn to love your skin, the wrinkles, the dimples, and even the freckles!

I am not a doctor and following any medical recommendations should be approved by a physician before use. I do not make any warranties about the completeness, reliability and accuracy of this information. Any action you take upon the information on this webiste is strictly at your own risk, and we will not be liable for any losses and damages in connection with the use of our website.